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Lithophile (n.) from Greek lithos, rock, and philos, love (in other words, rock-loving):

1. A chemical element within the Goldschmidt geochemical classification scheme characterized by its tendency to bond readily with oxygen and specifically with silica, remaining in compounds within rocks at or near the earth's surface rather than staying within the core. Most lithophile elements are overrepresented at the surface relative to their overall abundance in the solar system.
2. An extremophile microbe which can live within the pores of rocks, either at the surface or deep within the rock, sometimes to a depth of several kilometers. Lithophiles living deep within the crust make use of chemosynthesis for energy, using water which seeps down through the rock's cracks.

A bunch of contrarian bastards protecting some good people. Alternating between avoiding clusterfucks beyond our cognitive ability to handle (i.e. staring at Tumblr for hours pounding the refresh button and managing complex social matrices of people to be venerated and people to be shunned), speaking Cassandra Truths, being justifiably hated for shit we've done and not knowing how to atone for it, and... I don't know what else to describe ourselves as. Maybe other people can help us figure it out.

Being contrary, snarking, complaining and messing up since 2001. We have an old website that desperately needs updating. Kind of trying to find a way that combines backing off from our old approach, while staying faithful to our natural contrarian dispositions rather than faking it for the sake of avoiding clusterfucks, and simultaneously trying to convey that we're not actually complete monsters, we just have a knee-jerk bad reaction when someone tries to make an ideology into their identity, and if you're kind to us in the right ways you'll have our loyalty for life. Even if you backstab us and walk all over us (although we're trying to change that aspect of ourselves).
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